Types of Repair

The possibilities with the Final Fix product to fix any inflatable boat by following the instructions below and paying attention to every steps are simply fantastic. Transom, floor, tear, hole, bumper, handles, seam, brackets and D ring, there is now a real solution. Be awared this product performs strongly and could also be used on paddle board and raft.

  • Use acetone to clean the surfaces that need to be glued.
  • Cut a piece of PVC that is 2 inches larger than the hole that needs to be fixed. Make the cut with round corners.
  • Important, sand ONLY the hypalon surfaces.
  • Clean again with the acetone.
  • Allow the acetone to evaporate for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Position the fabric piece over the hole to be repaired.
  • Use masking tape to create a frame around the piece to cover the surface of it.
  • Remove the PVC piece to apply the Final Fix adhesive inside the frame.
  • Apply the glue on one surface.
  • Use the applicator to spread the glue uniformly to avoid air bubbles. Allow a glue thickness of about 1/16 of an inch.
  • Center the fabric piece on the frame, covering the piece with a sheet of paper to prevent gluing hands.
  • Moving from the center toward the outside, apply pressure to the paper.
  • Repeat the motion to ensure uniform adhesion.
  • Let dry for 30 minutes before cleaning.
  • Gently remove the sheet and the masking tape. Remove any excess glue.
  • Use undiluted dish soap to clean surfaces and hands.
  • Let dry for 48 hours before re-inflating boat.



Completely remove the transom, cleaning off the old glue. Repair one side of the boat at first. Then 24 hours later, on the opposite side, following the instructions.


Clean well to remove the old glue and follow the instructions for repairing. Let’s apply the glue feet per feet to allow an optimal adhesion while replacing the bumper.


Clean well to remove the old glue from the parts and follow the instructions for repairing.


For a large delamination, use PVC 3’x 3’ patches also available.


Repair from outside following the instructions. If the location of the cut require to make it larger or if this is already a large one, simply repair from the inside, always following instructions.

When done, prepare a patch to cover it from the outside and make a professional look. This will be strong.


Completely remove the floor, cleaning off the old glue. Repair one side of the boat at first. 24 hours later, proceed on the opposite side by following the instructions.