Final Fix repair kit

Final Fix repair kit

The Final Fix repair kit includes :

  • The Final Fix adhesive 290ml
  • Acetone 250ml
  • PVC Fabric 2.25 sq.f.
  • Applicator
  • Sandpaper
  • Instructions

Tube Final Fix

Final Fix repair kit
  • The Final Fix grey tube available – 290 ml
  • The Final Fix black tube available – 290 ml

Click here to get instructions and find out how to do a Final Fix inflatable boat repair.


Final Fix repair kit
  • PVC piece 3’ X 3’
  • Grey color available

Instructions on video – English subtitles

A special thanks to Boathouse in Montreal to have been the fist nautical store offering the Final Fix product!

Also, a big thank you to Rekord Marine for its close collaboration and developing the Canadian market!