Louis Lalonde

Co-founder of the companies Lalonde Marine Distribution in 2017 and Lalonde Marine USA in 2018. He has developed an innovative product that meets a need encountered by all inflatable boat owners. Bringing a distinctive solution to the market is one of the many accomplishments he has invested in. In particular the complete construction of his sailboat, a 50-feet ketch, started in 2000. His dream came true in 2005 with the launching of his boat, he then headed for the heat of the Antilles and thus lives in the Caribbean several months a year. A self-taught man, adventurer and of great inventive intelligence!

Cynthia Lalonde

Co-founder of the companies Lalonde Marine Distribution in 2017 and Lalonde Marine USA in 2018. Cynthia is particularly interested in communication, human relations, foreign cultures and of course, the world of navigation. Growing up on sailboats since she was 6, she was fortunate enough to expand her horizons and appreciate the experience of life on board from a young age. A mother of three children, she has also been involved in administrative and coordination work for several years. She ensures the quality of service to customers, management of internal communications and goods. Organized, contemplative and warm in nature, this business project comes in handy with its ambitions!

Lalonde Marine Distribution

Father and daughter shared the common desire to get involved in an innovative project and not the least! The launch of a brand new product in the nautical world. After 5 years of experiments on PVC and Hypalon materials, they finally launched the Final Fix in 2017. The adventure aims to provide mariners with a simple, durable and professional solution for any type of repair. inflatable boat. A journey from coast to coast is led by Louis Lalonde to promote the product. Close collaboration between various personalities from the nautical world will also have helped to boost their visibility and establish the product's position among retailers across the country. To date, Cynthia and Louis have provided advice to thousands of satisfied customers in Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. They are present at various boat shows, where they are happy to provide all the information you may need.